TALK: Bibliometrics and Research Evaluation

INVITED TALK given by Prof. Vincent Larivière (University of Montreal) March 31st (Friday), 10:00-12:00 am, Belval Campus MSA 4.530 Since the creation the Science Citation Index in the 1960s, research indicators have become ubiquitous. They are profusely used by universities, policymakers and even researchers for evaluation purposes—often without having a clear idea of what is … Continued

Training: Scientific Python

The second cohort of doctoral researchers of DTU DRIVEN receives a 3-day hands-on training course on Scientific Python offered by Dr. Jack Hale on 14/15/17 September 2021 on Campus Belval.

DTU DRIVEN Colloquium 2021

On 21 May 2021 the second scientific colloquium of DTU DRIVEN took place. 20 PhD students presented recent updates on their research projects in data-driven modelling for a wide range of different application domains. The colloquium gave a podium to all three thematic clusters of the DTU: Computational Physics and Engineering Sciences, Computational Biology and … Continued

Continuous DTU DRIVEN Machine Learning Seminar

The aim of the Machine Learning Seminar series is to harbour presentations of fundamental and methodological advances in data science and machine learning as well as to discuss application areas presented by domain specialists. The uniqueness of the seminar series lies in its attempt to extract common denominators between domain areas and to challenge existing … Continued