TALK: Bibliometrics and Research Evaluation

INVITED TALK given by Prof. Vincent Larivière (University of Montreal)

March 31st (Friday), 10:00-12:00 am, Belval Campus MSA 4.530

Since the creation the Science Citation Index in the 1960s, research indicators have become ubiquitous. They are profusely used by universities, policymakers and even researchers for evaluation purposes—often without having a clear idea of what is being measured. This talk will first provide an overview of research indicators and of their limitations, and discuss some of the adverse effects of the most well-known indicator, the Impact Factor. It will then address the current transformations of scholarly communication, with an emphasis on the role of journals and of open access in this new digital ecosystem, and conclude with implications for journals, funders, universities and researchers.

Prof. Vincent Larivière (University of Montreal)