Research Colloquium 2020

Group photo at the end of the colloquium.

On 5-6 March 2020 members of DTU DRIVEN met for the annual research colloquium in Mondorf, Luxembourg. The colloquium brought together all our doctoral candidates, supervisors and affiliated DTU members. The resulting very interdisciplinary setting, unifying experienced and early stage researchers from different domains, provided once more a unique environment to discuss the progress of our data-driven PhD research projects. The colloquium was complemented by the General Assembly of the DTU including an analysis of past training activities and plans for upcoming events and trainings in 2020/2021.

DTU DRIVEN doctoral candidates in action.

Agenda: 5 March 2020 (Thursday)

09h00-09h30 Welcome and Introduction by the DTU Coordinator
09h30-10h30 Research Talks: Minh Vu CHAU, Chrysovalantou KALAITZIDOU
10h30-11h00 Coffee Break
11h00-12h00 Research Talks: Ninghan CHEN, Diego KOZLOWSKI
12h00-14h00 Lunch Break
14h00-15h30 Research Talks: Sofia FARINA, Lan SHANG, Szabolcs GOGER
15h30-16h00 Coffee Break
16h00-16h45 Research Talks: Vania CECCHINI, Damian NDIWAGO
17h00-17h30 DTU Assembly (Principal Investigators and Co-Supervisors)
17h30-19h00 Walk
19h00-21h00 Discussion and Joint Dinner

Agenda: 6 March 2020 (Friday)

08h30-10h00 Research Talks: Alemayehu TAYE, Fateme DARLIK, Corrado AMELI
10h00-10h30 Coffee Break
10h30-12h00 Research Talks: Sinan USLU, Niccolo GENTILE, Piergiorgio VITELLO
12h00-14h00 Lunch Break and Farewell