Spotlight: Scientific Mission

DTU DRIVEN PhD candidate Diego Kozlowski is currently on a scientific mission to various international academic partners in support of his scientometrics research. Here, he shares his experiences:

In February 2022 I traveled to Montreal, Canada, to visit professor Vincent Larivière at Universitè du Montreal in a three-months research stay. There, I had direct access to the bibliometrics databases in which Larivière has an extensive expertise. Getting to be part of the team was a great experience. Engaging in discussions on a broad range of topics, from the technical aspects of data analysis on bibliometrics, to deeper discussion about the role of science in society. In May, I moved to Atlanta, in the United States, to continue my research stay at Georgia Tech (GT) with professor Cassidy R. Sugimoto. Both universities present a very different context, which enriches the experience of this stay. At GT, I was hosted by the School of Public Policy, where the team has a broader focus on science studies, from a more applied social perspective. During this my time in GT, I was invited to the International Conference on the International Conference on the Science of Science and Innovation (ICSSI), held in the National Academy of Sciences, Washington DC. I was able to meet in person multiple colleagues with which I had previously collaborated, but also meet for the first time many others.
Given that my PhD started in 2020, until this year it was not possible to go to in-person conferences and meet the community of Science of Science. This trip allowed me to engage with the field in a different way, and opened the doors for many future projects. Finally, it also allowed me to have in-person meetings with my co-authors, which boosted our ongoing work.